New Jersey Restrictions On Air Guns

Air guns shouldn’t be treated as toys.

New Jersey legislation has strict rules and regulations in effect regarding firearms within the state. Under state definition, air guns are classified as general firearms and must be treated as such both by civilians and law enforcement, especially due to how realistic air guns can be made to look.


According to New Jersey’s chapter on firearms and weapons, a firearm is defined as any hand gun, rifle, shot gun, machine gun, automatic or semi-automatic device that fires or ejects a projectile by means of any gas, vapor, flammable or explosive substance. This includes air guns, spring guns or other firearms that use compressed air to eject a bullet or similar missile. Thus, air guns fall under all restrictive use policies in place concerning firearms.

Sale of Air Guns

In order to sell an air gun, a person must be a licensed or registered retail or wholesale dealer in possession of a valid firearms purchaser identification card. The only individuals this restriction doesn’t apply to are people in the military or law enforcement. To obtain a firearms purchaser ID card, you must submit an application form available from any local or state New Jersey police department or from a licensed firearms dealer.

Purchase of Air Guns

To purchase an air gun, you must be at least 18 years of age and have a New Jersey firearms ID card. You must also have no criminal record, must pass a drug test, and prove you are within the physical and mental standards required to handle a firearm. The only exceptions to these air gun purchasing restrictions is if an individual has previously suffered from a physical or mental handicap, or alcoholism, but now has a certificate or other form of proof from a doctor or psychiatrist proving that he no longer suffers from such a disability.

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Handling of Air Guns

Most air guns are sold with an orange tip on the end, which indicates it is not a true gun, but one used for recreation in sports such as paintball or indoors target practice. When in possession of an air gun, it is required that the orange tip never be removed as this only increases the chance that the air gun will be mistaken for a lethal firearm and seen as a public threat. In order to transport an air gun, the owner must also be in possession of his New Jersey firearm ID card.