Nitrous Bottle Opener Instructions

Nitrous bottle openers are used to open your nitrous bottle without getting out of your vehicle. A nitrous bottle contains pressurized nitrous oxide, which increases the horsepower of your car engine. The nitrous bottle opener is remote-operated and operates at the touch of a switch; this means you will never have to use your hand to open your nitrous bottle. Installing a nitrous bottle opener is a straightforward process.


1. Unplug the negative cable of the car battery. A small flat headed screwdriver or a pick should be used to remove the cap from the bottle valve handle.

2. Loosen the nut using a 1/2-inch socket, while exercising care not to open the bottle valve. Take off the handle from the top of the bottle. Place the bottle gear over the square brass stem above the valve.

3. Bolt the lock nut and tighten it securely. Use a straight blade screwdriver to open and close the valve. This process is executed to ensure that the bottle valve is not tightened excessively, since that can prevent the motor from opening. In cases where there are no attachments on the bottle opening, be careful to avoid nitrous squirts to your skin and eyes.

4. Place the bottle opener body over the bottle gear and ensure that the gear on the motor and the bottle gear fit together. On completion of the main body installation, fasten the T-bolt clamp securely. Mount the electrical box with the Velcro included in the package. You should assemble the electrical box at the closest location to the bottle.

5. Attach the two pin weather packs from the electrical motor to the mate connected to the electrical box. Insert the orange wire (with fuse) into a key-on 12-volt power source. Drill a 1/2-inch hole into the driver’s compartment and attach the arming switch.

6. Insert the blue wire from the electrical box into the center terminal of the arming switch. Attach the pin, on the arming switch, near to the light-emitting diode (LED) to ground. Move the terminal away from the LED and connect the terminal to the key-on 12-volt power supply.

7. Check the arming switch. Ensure that the switch is closed with the LED up. Connect the negative battery cable.