Obtain An Automatic Gun License

A Class 3 firearms owner can easily pay as much in ammo purchases each year as he paid for the weapon.

In 1934 Congress passed the National Firearms Act controlling the sales, purchase, and ownership of automatic firearms. Otherwise known as Tommy guns, or machine guns, these firearms would continue to fire with only one pull on the trigger. Most guns at the time required a separate pull of the trigger each time a round was fired. Automatic firearms were deemed “Class 3” weapons.

All transfers of Class 3 weapons must go through a special type of firearms dealer, who must obtain a specific Class 3 sales license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and pay a special occupational tax each year. The buyer must also obtain permission from the ATF and be registered to purchase the firearm.


1. Select the weapon that you want to purchase from the dealer. Each legal Class 3 weapon in the nation has already been individually registered with the Federal government and the specific registration number must be provided with the paperwork.

2. Assist the dealer in filling out the ATF Form 4 paperwork asking for your name and address.

3. Take the Form 4 to the local sheriff, chief of police or district attorney and have them sign the back of the form. They will complete a background check on you before signing the form. You must be 21 or older, a U.S. citizen, and have no history of drug abuse and no felony convictions.

4. Mail two copies of the Form 4 to the ATF along with two completed fingerprint cards, three passport-sized photographs of you, and a $200 check for the Federal Excise Tax. The mailing address is on the Form 4.

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5. Wait approximately six months for the ATF to return the approval for the purchase.