Oil A Gun


To keep your gun in optimal working condition, you should take it to a professional gunsmith for cleaning periodically. This is especially important if the gun has been dropped in salt water or mud, hit against hard surfaces, or used excessively. In between professional cleanings, you can use oil and clean the firearm yourself. This will increase reliability and longevity.


1. Clean and oil the barrel of your gun by wetting a brush with CLP (cleaning-lubricant-preservative) oil and inserting it into the barrel from the chamber and scrubbing both the barrel and bore thoroughly. To dry the chamber and bore, use a brush or cleaning rod to push a flannel patch through, wiping off the oil. Keep replacing the patch until the last one comes out completely clean.

2. Put some oil on a cloth and clean the locking block. Use a brush if needed. Wipe the locking block off with a dry cloth when finished cleaning.After cleaning is completed, use a lightly oiled cloth to lubricate the chamber, bore, and locking block. Be sure to do the inside and outside of all parts. Don’t forget to lubricate the rails and make sure the locking block and plunger afford free movement.

3. Use a brush or cloth soaked in CLP oil to clean the slide rails, breech face, extractor, firing pin plunger, safety, and other parts. Lubricate the slide rails and underside of the breech by places a few drops of oil on each and smoothing it out. To lubricate the extractor, push it outward with your thumb and drop a few drops of oil alongside it, move the extractor briskly back and forth to make sure of internal lubrication. Next, place a drop of oil around the firing pin catch and work it to ensure it moves freely. To complete this part of the cleaning process, put a few drops of CLP oil to each side of the safety, safety bolt and firing pin unit from the rear side of the breech. Move the lever until free movement is achieved. Wipe off any excess oil with a cloth.

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4. Wipe the spring and guide with an oily cloth. Once clean, lightly oil the guide rod and spring with a cloth to lubricate.

5. Soak a cloth or bristle brush with CLP oil and clean all areas on the frame of your gun. Clean the magazine well using a bristle brush. Wipe everything dry and then lubricate the rails and all moving parts by placing a few drops of oil on the disassembling latch, magazine catch and release button, hammer, trigger, and all other levers. Use enough oil to ensure ease of movement for all parts.

6. Clean and oil all magazines and put everything back together to finish the gun-cleaning process.