Oil A Paintball Gun

Both the o-rings and bolt of a gun need oil.

Paintball guns use pressurized air to fire paintballs at targets. To keep the gun firing as accurately as possible, both the bolt and o-rings require oil and cleaning. Oiling a paintball gun reduces friction, allowing the bolt to fire balls faster; oiling the o-rings prevents air from leaking from the gun. Users should oil a gun after every two or three uses.


1. Remove the gun’s bolt. Most semi-automatic and electric guns have a bolt pin on the back of the marker that holds the bolt in place. Pull the bolt pin out to remove the bolt. Not all markers require users to fully remove the bolt pin to remove the bolt.

2. Locate the o-ring on the bolt. Most bolts contain two circular, rubber o-rings, one on the front end and another on the back end. Place a drop of oil on the top and bottom of the o-ring. Use your finger to rub the oil around the ring.

3. Place a drop of oil on the top and bottom of the bolt. Use your fingers to spread the oil around the bolt.

4. Remove excess oil from the bolt with your finger.

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