Oil A Tippmann X7

A properly oiled paintball gun will shoot better and last longer

Oiling the Tippmann X7 paintball gun is an essential part of maintaining it in good working order. Oiling the gun is an easy task and takes a minimal amount of time. Before beginning always make sure the air source is disconnected from the paintball gun, that there are no paintballs inside and it is in the uncocked position. Oiling a loaded paintball gun can be dangerous.


1. Clean off the Tippmann X7 with a damp towel. Simply wipe the surface of the paintball gun to remove dirt and other debris. This will prevent any surface dirt and debris from combining with the oil.

2. Twist the barrel counterclockwise and remove it from the Tippmann X7. Place a drop of paintball gun oil on the o-ring and twist the barrel back onto the gun. This will disperse the oil evenly around the barrel o-ring.

3. Place a few drops of oil on the the air source adapter. The air source adapter is under the trigger frame and is used to attach an air source. When the air source is reattached to the Tippmann X7, it will force the oil through the gun, lubricating the internal parts. Some residual oil may come out of the barrel, but this is normal.

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