Open A Paintball Business

Paintball wars are a fun sport and recreational activity that allow people to let loose and get some good exercise. Opening a paintball business can be a great idea, especially if there aren’t any nearby. To start a paintball business, you should have some knowledge of the activity as well as an idea of what will make your business different from the rest.


1. Go out to several different paintball businesses and play parks. Check out their amenities, packages, concepts for war arenas and kinds of equipment. Take note of what you like and what seems to work. You can even talk to other people there and ask what they like and don’t like, and things they would like to see improved.

2. Come up with a concept that is fun and unique. You need to think of something like a jungle paintball zone, a circus, a water park zone and so on. Decide what concept you wish to pursue and write out your plans. Draw up some sketches of obstacles, barriers and trespass zones that fit with your theme.

3. Find a plot of land that will suit your needs. Purchase or lease the property. Build your obstacles, barriers and such and decorate as needed. Don’t forget to build an office where all the business transactions will occur. You may also consider a small food concession area to sell snacks and drinks, as paintball players will work up an appetite.

4. Purchase all the paintball gear that will be rented for use at your paintball park. Make sure you get a wide variety and have all sizes available to accommodate your customers’ needs. Label all the gear with the business name, phone number and address to prevent theft.

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5. Make flyers and hire college students to distribute them at school, put them on car windshields and spread the word about your new paintball zone. Advertise in the yellow pages and get involved with the community so people will know you exist.