Open A Paintball Field

Purchase thousands of paintballs in bulk before your field opens.

Paintball fields can be found all over the United States and are especially popular with teenagers and young men, though the entire family can play. If you’re interested in starting a paintball field in your area, there are ways to do it without spending a lot of money or wasting a lot of time. Acknowledge possible liability and recruit some friends to help you with operations, and you’ll be on your way toward opening day.


1. Research the area in which you wish to start your paintball field. See if there are any competitors nearby who are already in business, and then find out if your potential field space meets legal zoning requirements. Gather a list of names of city and state offices you will need to contact for the permits required in your area. You may also wish to contact real estate agents if you need to purchase land. Do not try to get around red tape by not communicating with your local officials. You must get permission to hold a physical activity such as paintball.

2. Incorporate your business by filing with the Secretary of State in your state. You can use an online document preparation service to help you get this done. Incorporating a business can take anywhere from a couple weeks to several months, so start this process as soon as you have your business name and location. Purchase business insurance, including liability insurance.

3. Prepare your paintball field by paving a parking lot and clearing out any areas with large trees, shrubs, or anything else that can hinder such a game. Get electricity turned on, connect phone and Internet lines and sign up for water service. Hook up a cash register or computer to accept payments. You will also need CO2 and nitrogen tanks on hand to use as a propellant for the paint balls. Your property must have a bathroom onsite or extremely close by, so keep this in mind both when picking an area and drawing up your budget. Finally, purchase goggles, other safety equipment, paintballs, markers, barrel plugs and anything else you will need to adequately supply a field and allow for rentals. You can purchase these all online at a business like Paintball Discounters or Red Dot Paintball (see Resources).

4. Start to advertise via the Internet, flyers, posters, and through word of mouth promotion. Invite people to come play paintball for free, so they can preview the facility and hopefully buy a membership or at least one more game. Rent out goggles and other gear to make extra profit and also to ensure safety. Have release forms for everyone on hand, and if possible, consult an attorney to ensure all your legal bases are covered before opening for business.