Open A Paintball Store

The sport of paintball has growing popularity.

Paintball is a high action sport involving Co2 powered guns that shoot balls of paint at very high speeds. This sport requires the use of protective head-gear, and sometimes camouflage clothing if playing in a field. The sport of paintball has gained in popularity over the years, evidence of which can be found across the country in numerous paintball clubs, paintball sports fields, and paintball shops. If you’re a paintball enthusiast, then opening your own paintball store may be a dream come true for you.


1. Inquire out about any municipal ordinances, permits, or licensing that you may need to sell this equipment in your local area, as areas may have different laws pertaining to the sale of air powered weapons or toys. Contact your local chamber of commerce, or law enforcement agency to inquire about the laws of your area.

2. Lease or rent a small location in a strip mall, or in a shopping center of your local area. Try to pick a location near a sporting goods store, an Army/Navy surplus store, or in a popular shopping center in your hometown. These are ideal locations that those interested in paintball may frequent.

3. Acquire paintball supplies. You can find wholesale producers of paintball equipment at various locations online such as, or at the Paintball Association You’ll need to have a lot of paintballs in various colors, replacement hoppers to hold the balls, Co2 cartridges, carrying cases, popular brands of paintball guns, helmets and goggles, and camouflage apparel as well.

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4. Print up fliers and business cards and place them in sporting goods stores, gun shops or other similar locations. Ask the owners or managers for permission to place your business cards and fliers in the store. You can offer a trade (of sorts). For example, you can direct your customers to their shop for hunting supplies, and the other store owner can recommend your store for paintball supplies.