Open A Soccer Store

Soccer is played and watched by ever increasing numbers both in person and on television. According to the market research group Black & Co., the size of the business is 5 billion dollars a year in the United States alone, and growing. A soccer store in a good location could be a profitable business for you, too. This article defines the steps to take in order to open a successful soccer store, including some opening day guidelines.


Open A Soccer Store

1. Develop your business plan which essentially tells you how financially viable your soccer store can be, given expected store traffic, revenues and expenses. A new mall near a soccer playing school would have good potential, especially if your contract can provide that no direct competitor may open a similar store in the mall of your choice.

2. Register the business with the government agencies as required by law and secure all other licenses required. Federal, state, regional, county and city governments would have licensing requirements that you need to have before you can open a store.

3. Register the business with the government agencies as required by law and secure all other licenses required.

4. Hire the personnel needed for the store, starting with your store manager then the store sales assistant and backroom and inventory assistant. Your best source for these would be those with experience in the exact same business but if these are not available, those with experience in other sports apparel or sports stores will suffice. A headhunter agency could be helpful.

5. Construct or purchase the necessary racks and shelves, cabinets and drawers for your inventory and other needs.

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6. Order the products for your initial inventory, including promotional items such as posters and possible giveaways for your store opening. You could start by contacting the different distributors of the name brands of soccer gear and equipment such as Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok.

7. For your store opening day besides arranging your product display attractively, invite a guest of honor such as a national soccer figure, as well as potential customers from the surrounding areas. Decorate the store and its outside perimeter with colorful banners and posters of famous soccer players and teams, and serve inexpensive but tasteful bites and drinks.