Operate A High Pressure Spyder Electra

Head and eye protection is essential when playing paintball.

Paintball guns or “markers” have evolved significantly since the first hand-held paint marker was released in 1970. Markers like the Spyder Electra offer sleek, lightweight design coupled with precision manufacturing and computerized parts for more accurate firing. The Electra can only help give you a competitive edge if you are familiar with its various parts and correct operation. From setup and loading, to aiming and firing, you can learn operate a Spyder Electra.


1. Screw the threaded end of the Spyder Electra paintball marker’s barrell into the body of the marker.

2. Slip the included cloth barrel blocking device over the end of the barrel and pull the rubber band securely back over the rear of the marker.

3. Remove the three M4x8 screws from the marker’s grip with the wrench included in the marker’s spare parts kit.

4. Remove the battery cover from the grip.

5. Install a 9V battery in the grip by pressing the “+” and “-” terminals of the battery into the corresponding terminals in the grip’s battery attachment.

6. Place the battery cover back on the grip and screw the three screws in place with the included wrench.

7. Power on the marker by pressing the button on the rear of the grip marked with an icon shaped like an eye. The marker will power on with the Anti Chop Eye feature and the safety automatically engaged.

8. Press the eye button again to turn off the Anti Chop Eye feature.

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9. Press the lower button marked “M” to change the mode to one of the four following modes: safety, semi-automatic, Ramp P — 13 balls per second, Ramp M — 12 balls per second.

10. Screw a CO2 compressed air tank into the nozzle at the base of the marker’s grip.

11. Turn the adapter knob in front of the nozzle to “ON” to pressurize the marker.

12. Attach a hopper full of paintballs to the paintball recepticle at the top of the marker and secure the hopper in place with the included wrench.

13. Put on eye protection.

14. Remove the barrel blocking device by slipping the rubber band from the back of the marker and sliding the cloth portion off the end of the barrel.

15. Fire the marker at a target in an open area, ensuring there will be no damage to surrounding objects, people or animals in the area.