Orlando Gun Shops

Orlando has a variety of gun shops offering practice ranges.

The Orlando area has many gun shops that offer a wide range of weapons, from automatic rifles to antique replicas. Many Orlando gun shops provide shooting ranges for customers to use for practice, as well as classes in areas such as self-defense and concealed weapons. This variety of gun stores allows a prospective buyer to compare prices and find the best deal.

Reig’s Gun Shop

Reig’s Gun Shop is open seven days a week and boasts a selection of new and used guns. Besides guns, the shop also offers classes and a shooting range. You can bring your own gun to the range as long as it is a handgun; rifles and shotguns are not allowed. Both concealed weapons and multi-level shooting classes are available. As of November 2010, each class costs $80 and is taught by an NRA-certified training instructor. Once you have completed a class successfully, you can receive certification and licenses. Finally, Reig’s will also order any gun that they do not have in stock, at a customer’s request.

Oak Ridge Gun Range

Oak Ridge Gun Range provides guns and accessories such as holsters, knives and tactical gear. In addition to the shop, there is a 50-foot gun range that allows all types of guns, including shotguns and rifles. For those who do not own a gun, rentals are available. For gun owners, Oak Ridge Gun Range has gunsmithing services that include scope mounting and trigger jobs. The shop offers classes in concealed weapons and security guard training. Each class costs $50, as of November 2010. For people who prefer to order online, this shop is registered with gunbroker.com.

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Southern Oaks Gun and Pawn Shop

Located just a few miles from downtown Orlando, Southern Oaks Gun and Pawn Shop sells a large selection of firearms in addition to other second-hand items. Since 1998, Southern Oaks has offered a wide range of brands such as Glock, Colt, Ruger and Taurus. A 2010 addition to the shop is a concealed weapons class that is taught by an NRA-licensed instructor. In addition, they perform transfers and searches for models they do not have in stock. On higher-priced items, they offer short-term loans.

Buffalo Bill‘s Shooting Store

For those who collect replicas or are enthusiasts of 19th-century firearms, Buffalo Bill’s Shooting Store has supplied Central Florida with muzzleloaders, cowboy action shooters and long-range black powder rifles since 1978. Open six days a week, Buffalo Bills also has a wide selection of knives and other hard-to-find accessories, such as throwing hawks. In addition to their classic guns, they also offer a limited selection of modern firearms. Buffalo Bill‘s has a wide selection of ammunition, along with loading stands for both precision cap-and-ball and folding revolvers.