Outdoor Bachelor Party Ideas

If a groom only has eyes for his bride, forgo the typical bachelor party and celebrate outdoors.

Bachelor parties are usually a men-only affair for a groom and his friends to go out and celebrate his last days as a bachelor. Historically, the parties were known as “stag parties,” and for decades the parties have typically been associated with strip clubs or other forms of adult entertainment. If a groom or his future bride are uncomfortable with such celebrations, it is not necessary to forgo the bachelor party all together. Alternative forms of celebrations include outdoor bachelor parties.


Taking a leap out of a plane with your closest friends is exhilarating.

The groom-to-be is about to take a leap of faith and wed his wife. Take the party up to the heavens, and make his party metaphorical. Call your local airport to inquire about companies that offer sky diving, as well as their rates. A skydiving outing for a bachelor party is ideal for thrill seekers and those who are short on time, because the experience is over relatively quickly. Skydiving isn’t for those who are short on cash. A jump with a tandem partner (for those who have never sky dived before) costs upwards of $500 as of February 2011.

Ski Trip

A ski and snowboarding trip is fun for sports lovers.

Rent a ski lodge for a a weekend or longer, and enjoy snow sports. All men are boys at heart and a ski trip with friends gives them the opportunity to play all day long. If anyone in the group has never skied or snowboarded, call ahead of time to inquire about instructor’s rates and schedules. Pack bourbon to warm up and relax after a day of freezing cold weather.

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Escape the city and have a camping bachelor party.

A camping trip makes an ideal bachelor party for a groom who loves the great outdoors. Camping enables people to escape from the real world, and forces people to interact in ways that they can’t do when they are surrounded by real-life distractions. Depending on where your bachelor camping trip takes place, you can spend the days fishing, hiking or swimming. In the evenings, enjoy sharing time and stories with your friends around the camp fire.


Paintball games are affordable parties.

If the bachelor has a lot of friends and family, gather everyone for a paintball battle. Most paintball venues rent guns, gloves and masks to those who don’t have their own equipment. Paintball games are relatively low cost — as of 2011, a game is generally under $50 per person — and lasts for at least two hours. This makes it especially fitting for a young groom who may not have the financial means of an older groom.