Outfit Yourself For Paintball

Get a paintgun and mask, plus a few other items, to prepare for this intense action game.


1. Buy a paintball gun (see Choose a Paintball Gun).

2. Get a sturdy mask–the most important piece of equipment. For safety’s sake, use a quality mask designed specifically for paintball.

3. Wear heavy-duty clothing. Camouflage is best. Sturdy boots or running shoes are a must. A head covering is definitely advisable. Try to cover every exposed area of skin. A paintball on bare flesh is very painful.

4. Buy paintballs and CO2. Buy extra. The amount you need depends on your style of play (single, accurate shooter versus sprayer), but you really don’t want to run out midday when you still want to play.

5. Get containers to carry your paintballs in the field. Containers must be tightly sealed, easily accessible and able to pour into your type of loader.

6. Carry a squeegee in your pocket and a rag or handkerchief to wipe off your hits between games.

7. Doublecheck all your gear prior to each game. Reload everything and clean off all paint so nobody disputes any old paint marks.

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