Paint A Gun Barrel

Paint a Gun Barrel

Gun barrels can be stained a deep, dark blue or left silver, such as when the barrel is stainless-steel. The blue stain is applied to inhibit rust, but as with the bright stainless steel, it can be a hindrance when hunting game. Light reflected from a gun barrel can be seen from a distance and may frighten the animal you are hunting. sp it’s best to try some different colors.


1. Remove any fore-stock or hand grips from around the barrel, after ensuring that the gun is unloaded and safe. Remove the barrel from the receiver if possible and then clean the barrel with rubbing alcohol and rags to remove any oil, grease or foreign material.

2. Apply masking tape to any part of the barrel you do not wish painted, such as the front sight. If you are not able to remove the barrel from the receiver, apply masking tape to the receiver to protect it from overspray if desired.

3. Trim all taped areas with the razor blade so that the barrel is properly exposed for the application of the spray paint and that all other parts of the barrel are protected from overspray.

4. Hang the barrel in an area suitable for painting and select one of the three paint colors for the primer coat (usually, the darker color works best as a primer coat). Apply one primer coat to the barrel and allow it to dry completely.

5. Apply a second primer coat if any metal shine is detected after the first coat thoroughly dries. Once the primer coat is dry, attach two or three leaves to the painted barrel using the masking tape and arrange in a pleasing manner.

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6. Select a paint color different from the primer color and spray several strips on the gun barrel, spraying over the applied leaves, but do not paint the whole barrel. Allow this coat to throughly dry, but do not remove the leaves.

7. Attach another two or three leaves to the gun barrel, using the masking tape. Do not remove the first group of leaves. Select the final paint color and spray several strips across the barrel and leaves, but do not paint the whole barrel. Allow the paint on the barrel to dry completely.

8. Remove the taped leaves carefully. Reassemble the gun and check that all parts fit properly and any moving parts are free to move where intended.