Paint A Motorcycle To Look Like A Military One

Military vehicles and equipment are camouflaged.

Military motorcycles are painted with camouflage to help them blend into the background. However, commercial motorcycles are rarely painted in military colors, so your paint job will make you stand out from the crowd. Typical military camouflage includes colors such as dark green, light brown and sandy yellow. Painting the motorcycle yourself is simple but time-consuming. It is possible to pay for a professional paint job, but it will be more costly than doing it on your own.


1. Use garbage bags to cover any parts of your motorcycle you do not want to paint. This includes all metal parts of your motorcycle. Leave the garbage bags on until your paint job is finished, and be aware that the steps apply to the uncovered parts that you want to paint.

2. Sand down the parts of the motorcycle you intend to paint using sandpaper. This removes old paint in preparation for a new coat.

3. Paint your motorcycle with dark green enamel using a large paintbrush, ensuring all the parts are completely covered. Let this coat of paint dry for at least four hours. Test the dryness of the paint with your finger before applying a second coat of dark green enamel that fully covers all parts. Allow the second coat to dry for at least four hours.

4. Use a smaller paintbrush to paint circles with pale yellow enamel, with 2 inches of space between each circle. The circles should all be a similar size and evenly spaced. It does not matter if some circles run off the side of the parts you are painting. Still using the pale yellow enamel, paint irregular edges on the circles to turn them into splat-like shapes. Ensure that no dark green paint is visible through the pale yellow shapes. Let this coat of paint dry at least four hours.

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5. Use light brown enamel to paint evenly spaced circles that are half the size of your the yellow circles. Leave 6 inches of space between each circle before painting irregular edges on each circle as you did in the previous step. Let this coat of paint dry at least four hours.

6. Seal your paint by spraying enamel sealer on all painted parts of the motorcycle. Spray sealer from a distance of at least 10 inches and cover the paint evenly. Allow the sealer to dry overnight before removing the garbage bags from the motorcycle.