Paint A Nerf Gun

Enhance surface adhesion by sanding the Nerf gun.

If your child dislikes the color of his or her Nerf brand toy gun, you can alter the color with a coat of paint. However, before you start painting, you need to know the proper preparation steps that encourage adhesion, or the paint will eventually chip away. Nerf toy guns are made of plastic, a nonporous material ill-suited for adhesion. You must condition the gun to stimulate adhesion by roughening the surface with a fine-grit sandpaper.


1. Wash the Nerf brand toy gun with soap and water. Rinse the soap from the plastic gun using clean wet rags. Wait for the gun to dry.

2. Enhance surface adhesion by sanding the Nerf gun with sandpaper. Sand the plastic portions of the gun until they feel rough.

3. Apply a low-tack painter’s tape to the parts of the toy gun you do not want painted.

4. Move the toy gun to a well-ventilated area, and lay it on top of a clean drop cloth.

5. Spray a light coat of primer onto one side of the Nerf gun. Hold the can 8 inches from the plastic and apply in a sweeping, side-to-side motion. Wait a minimum of two hours for the primer to dry, and then flip the Nerf gun over and prime the other side.

6. Wait two hours, and then apply an acrylic spray paint just as you applied the primer. Wait four hours for the paint to cure before using the toy gun.

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