Paint An Airsoft Pistol

Airsoft pistols are used in airsoft battles and tournaments as a sidearm to larger guns or a primary weapon for pistoleers. These replicas fire plastic pellets instead of live ammunition at opponents during a simulated combat. Pistols are excellent close range weapons and can serve as a fallback when more powerful weaponry is being reloaded or otherwise unavailable. Customizing an airsoft pistol with a new paint job is an excellent way to show personal creativity and artistic skill.


1. Decide on the color and style of paint that you would like to use. Unlike other weapons, a pistol is unlikely to give away your position and can be painted in any preferred style. Commandos may prefer a flat black or camouflage paint, while others may want a chrome or silver finish.

2. Plug the barrel and, if the gun has one, the gas canister slot with cotton balls. Paint that runs into these will ruin the seals and warp shots from the barrel.

3. Cover the bolt, barrel tip and any parts that you do not wish to be painted with masking tape. Remember to re-apply oil to moving parts once the paint job is finished.

4. Stand the gun by pressing a skewer into the newspaper-covered ground. Then press the skewer into the barrel, embedding it in the cotton. Wooden skewers are unlikely to scratch the barrel, but take care not to let them rub inside.

5. Spray the gun in even strokes of paint. Alternate colors for camouflage and build your paint on the gun with multiple coats. Many light coats are far preferable than one heavy coat as it will look better and last longer this way.

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6. Allow the gun to dry and apply multiple coats as desired. Don’t overdo the paint; only apply enough to evenly coat the surface. Too many coats or too thick paint will cause flaking when the gun is fired.