Paint Camo Designs

Try this method on your paintball guns.

From hunting gear to home decor, there are many items that you may want to paint in a camouflage pattern. While there are many ways to paint camouflage, using branches from your yard is a simple technique that can be as detailed as you want it. Painting camo on any item using this technique can take between ten minutes and an hour. You can also use this idea with other colors to create khaki or sea-colored camo.


1. Paint your surface with a matte black spray paint and allow to dry for at least an hour.

2. Cut a branch with leaves from your yard. This can be from a bush or a tree, but the more leaves it has the more varied the camouflage pattern will become.

3. Pick your darkest paint color and shake for at least two minutes or until well mixed. Some companies make special camouflage paint that does not reflect light specifically for this type of project.

4. Lay the branch on the surface, and spray the paint over it. Lift it straight up, and place it down again. Spray the surface through the branch again. Repeat this randomly, placing the branch haphazardly on the surface and spraying.

5. Repeat the process with the second darkest color of paint. Continue until the level of detail you desire is reached. You do not have to wait for the paint to dry between colors.

6. Add the lightest color of paint, usually a khaki in traditional green camo, just as you painted through the branch with the last two colors.

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7. Allow the surface to dry for two to four hours before touching.