Paint Hood Stripes

Painting hood stripes on your car or truck is a quick and inexpensive way to update the entire look of your vehicle. Hood stripes can be wide or thick and any color that you want. Hood stripes are also called racing stripes because of the popularity of them on racing vehicles. Hood stripes give any car a sporty look without having to paint the entire vehicle. Learn paint hood stripes and give your vehicle the update it needs.


1. Use a stencil kit or regular masking tape to lay out the sections of the hood that will be painted. If using regular masking tape alone, use a measuring tape to keep the stripes the same width. Lay out two large stripes on each side of the hood, running parallel to each other.

2. Apply masking tape and paper to the rest of the hood and car so paint overspray won’t land on it. The only exposed parts of the car should be the stripes that will be painted on the hood.

3. Sand the exposed area with 1000 grit sand paper and water. Keep the sand paper wet the entire time so that sanding build-up won’t clog the paper and scratch the surface too deeply. Clean the area after sanding with a cotton towel and wax and grease remover to remove any debris.

4. Wipe the exposed area of the hood with a tack rag to remove any remaining dust or debris before painting.

5. Apply three coats of paint to the hood. Use thin, even coats so that the paint doesn’t run or become too thick. Allow each coat to dry according to the product directions (usually 30 minutes between coats).

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6. Spray the painted area with three coats of clear coat paint, allowing each coat to dry before applying a new coat. Remove the masking tape very carefully while the paint is still slightly wet and tacky feeling. Allow the paint to dry completely before doing anything else with the car.