Paint Metal

Many people hesitate to paint over metal. But with the proper preparation and products, you can touch up or customize anything that is metal with a new paint job. Get creative with your metal painting and give your old appliances or outdoor furniture a new custom look. Paint the garbage can or mailbox, metal storage building or tools. There is no limit. Read on to learn paint metal. Does this Spark an idea?


1. Remove all rust and dirt. Use a wire brush to scrub away rust and wash away dirt with a strong cleaner that will not leave a residue. Bleach will remove any mold.

2. Prime the surface with an oil-based or latex anti-corrosive primer. If you are painting an appliance or customizing a piece of furniture to be used in a kitchen or bath, then a good mildew prevention primer is best. Use disposable brushes for the primer because it doesn’t have to have a fine finish.

3. Allow the primer to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours. Primer is typically heavy and does not always feel wet or tacky before it is completely dry.

4. Tint the primer with the same colors if you are using a custom paint. This tinting will allow you to use fewer coats of paint.

5. Decide on what kind of finish you want. A good paint in flat, semi-gloss or high-gloss will go smoothly over the primer once it is dry. For touch-ups, use the same kind of finish that is already on the metal.

6. Use good brushes for the paint. Two coats are best for a long-lasting paint job on metal. Let the paint dry completely before adding any custom drawing or designs.

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