Paint With Duplicolor Paint Shop

Ensure a professional, high-gloss finish with the Duplicolor Paint Shop system

The Duplicolor Paint Shop system provides a full range of primers and refinishing products to produce professional standard paint jobs without expensive body shop work. The system is good for all vehicles, and the paint is easy to apply and fast drying. It also can be buffed to a perfect finish within hours. The Duplicolor Paint Shop system requires no hardeners and additives, and extra coats can be added at any time without further surface preparation. Special aerosol applicators are used instead of professional spray guns.


1. Ensure the repaired panels are isolated from the rest of the vehicle by masking them out with tape and paper. Make sure the spraying temperature ranges from 60 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit and that humidity levels are below 70 percent. Avoid spraying in direct sunlight or in the late evening when conditions are cooler.

2. Clean the repaired panel with Duplicolor prep wipe soaked into a clean piece of cloth by wiping, and leave to evaporate. Take an aerosol tin of Duplicolor gray primer. Shake it for at least one minute before use, and apply two to three coats over the repaired area; let it dry for 24 hours. Rub down the primer with P600-grit abrasive paper and remove excess dust before again cleaning the panel with Duplicolor prep wipe.

3. Run a tack cloth over the entire panel to remove any traces of dust of cloth fibers. Take an aerosol tin of Duplicolor base coat and thoroughly shake it before use. Apply two to three coats of base coat to the panel, leaving a short curing time of five minutes between each one. Thoroughly check the panel after the final coat has been applied to ensure even coverage has been maintained; add an extra coat if required. Maintain a spraying distance of 6 to 8 inches at all times.

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4. Leave the base coat to cure to a matte finish before taking an aerosol tin of Duplicolor clear coat and thoroughly shaking it. Apply three to four full coats of Duplicolor clear coat, leaving a short interval of five minutes between each one to allow for curing. Leave the clear coat to dry for a minimum of 24 hours before cutting and buffing. Always spray Duplicolor clear coat from a distance of 4 to 6 inches to promote good build and uniform coverage.

5. Unmask the vehicle after 24 hours and check for imperfections. Rub down grit and small runs with P1500-grit abrasive paper until the surface of the panel is completely flat and smooth. Polish back to a shine with cutting compounds as soon as imperfections have been removed.