Paint Your Rifle With Digital Camouflage

Military-style digital camouflage can be applied to hunting rifles.

Synthetic rifle stocks come in various colors such as black, gray, green and tan. The military often applies a digital camouflage scheme to battlefield rifles to break up a recognizable outline and avoid detection by enemy combatants. Camouflage is also useful for hunting applications because it can keep you and your rifle concealed while you are stalking prey.


1. Unchamber your weapon and remove its magazine, if it is equipped with on.

2. Remove the bolt from the rifle. Most bolt-action rifles have a lever on the left rear side of the receiver that is moved outward while retracting the bolt to extract the bolt from the receiver. Some have a detent located inside the upper part of the trigger guard that is pushed up. For semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15, break the action open at the rear then remove the bolt and charging handle.

3. Use masking tape to tape off the rifle’s action, trigger and trigger guard, the muzzle of the barrel and the scope’s lenses, if your rifle has a scope.

4. Drape an old bed sheet over a rifle rest to use as a paint tarp. Place the rifle in the rest.

5. Spray brake cleaner on a rag and wipe down the stock, barrel and the exterior of the action to remove grease and oil.

6. Spray one color of camouflage paint on as a base color for the entire rifle. This base color is usually a lighter earth-tone such as sand, field drab or earth yellow. Allow the paint to dry, following manufacturer recommendations.

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7. Place a digital camouflage stencil over a section you wish to camouflage then spray a darker paint color over the stencil. Colors such as dark green and olive drab are good choices. Repeat for other sections of the rifle. Allow the paint to dry, following manufacturer specifications.

8. Remove the masking tape and re-install the bolt. Open and close the bolt and work your rifle’s action to check for proper function with no binding.