Paintball Activities Near Chicago

Badlandz Paintball Field fires paintballs with rates of 10.5 balls per second, as of 2010.

According to American Sports Data, paintball has consistently ranked within the top five extreme sports since 1996. It involves shooting non-toxic, water-soluble capsules filled with colored paint at other players. Games usually last about 10 to 20 minutes each, and players must wear protective equipment like full-face masks and goggles. Chicago, Illinois, one of the most populated cities in the country, offers both indoor and outdoor paintball facilities within its suburbs and surrounding areas.

The Badlandz Paintball Field

The Badlandz Paintball Field offers a large-scale playing field for friends, families and international competitions. The field is home to 23 world championship tournaments. Badlandz allows participants to bring their own paint balls or purchase them, and it was the first field in the Midwest to net its fields for spectator comfort and safety. According to the company’s website, the maximum rate of paintball fire in 2010 is 10.5 balls per second. There are 9 different game options, such as Capture the Flag and elimination games. Beginner, moderate or advanced-level competitions are available. Badlandz offers four all-day packages with rentals included, and an annual membership. Private games, corporate outings and party packages are also available.

The Badlandz

1407 Huntington Drive

Calumet City, Illinois 60409


Chicago Land Paintball

An indoor paintball facility for beginners and advanced players, Chicagoland Paintball (CLP) is open to individuals and groups. Participants are admitted to CLP with all-day passes or memberships, and rentals and paint balls available for purchase on-site. CLP provides Thursday night specials designed for advanced players. Open play is offered, with players divided into categories based on experience level. CLP is equipped with Wi-Fi for laptops, a kitchen, cable television and showers. Spectators can watch paintball events and games in a designated viewing area located outside the facility.

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Chicagoland Paintball

537 W. 195th Street

Glenwood, IL 60425


CPX Sports

CPX Sports is equipped with 18 outdoor paintball fields, a theater for safety briefings, a pro shop and a snack bar. The fields are all specially-themed and carry names like Armageddon, The Rain Forest and Psycho Woods. For example, the Town of Bedlam field is equipped with fake buildings, streets, park benches, street lights and cars with a 1950’s atmosphere. CPX Sports allows participants to bring equipment, but the paint balls must be purchased on-site. Value packages, coupons and discount days are offered throughout the year in addition to membership options. Private parties, birthday parties and corporate outings are also available.

CPX Sports

2903 Schweitzer Road

Joliet, Illiois 60436