Paintball Camps In Michigan

Paintball allows players to shoot other people without grave consequences.

Paintball has soared in popularity throughout the United States. With participants ranging from 10-years old to adults, paintball has become a highly integrated part of many active Americans’ lives. Camps devoted to paintball have sprouted throughout the country, including in Michigan.

SpringHill Camps

At SpringHill Camps in Evart, Mich., 3-1/2 wooded acres of paint-packed fun await visitors. Campers taking the paintball challenge are given a marker, mask and 100 paintballs. Paintballing is one of many activities available for campers at SpringHill Camps, which also offers snowboarding and other extreme sports.

SpringHill Camps

7717 95th Ave.

Evart, MI 49631


Camp Lake Louise Extreme Paintball Camp

The Extreme Paintball Camp at Camp Lake Louise in Boyne Falls, Mich., is open to paintballers between seventh grade and adults, Extreme Paintball Camp is just one of 14 camps offered by Camp Lake Louise each summer.

Camp Lake Louise Extreme Paintball Camp

10750 Stafford Road

Boyne Falls, MI 49713


EHBC Paintball Camp

A portion of the Echoing Hills Bible Camp, the EHBC Paintball Camp is in East Jordan, Mich. Eight separate camps run from April through October. Players must be at least 12 years old to participate and all players must bring their own equipment. There is no charge for the EHBC Paintball Camp but participants do have the option of purchasing CO2, paintballs or neck guards for a fee.

EHBC Paintball Camp

2669 Six Mile Lake Road

East Jordan, MI 49727


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