Paintball Clothing Tips

When choosing your clothing for paintballing, keep in mind that the clothes should be disposable and protective. Be prepared to have the clothes covered in paint. But also consider what clothing will provide the best protection from painful paintballs, and give you an advantage in competitive game play.


When choosing clothing for paintball, remember that a shot on bare skin hurts much more and bruises are much more likely than if you received a shot to an area that was protected by clothing. Wear long sleeves and long pants to cover as much of yourself as possible. Always be sure to wear a protective mask. A hat, gloves, and layered clothing can help as well.


An important part of many paintball games is your ability to hide. Camouflage is the obvious choice for this consideration, but keep in mind what type of terrain you’re playing on. If you’re in deep woods, standard camouflage will do the trick, but if you’re playing in snow, you might want to wear more white, or a white-based camo. Choose clothing that blends in with the terrain. Also be sure to wear dark-colored shoes. Often your feet will be the first part of you that becomes visible; a bright white tennis shoe can give away your position easily.

Fit for the environment

It’s easier to wear layers of long and heavy clothing when it’s cold; but sometimes you might have to sacrifice protection because the weather is too hot. Even in hot weather, try to stick with long sleeves and long pants; just use lighter fabrics or some version of dry-fit blend. Choose footwear that will help you move most efficiently during the game as well. If you’re playing inside, wear gym shoes; if you’re outside, soccer cleats or football cleats can give you an advantage.

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