Paintball Game Ideas

Paintball Game Ideas

There are as many paintball games as there are people who come up with ideas for them. Many games persist in popularity, however, because of their level of fun, ease of set up and widely understood rules. These games can be found being played on any number of paintball fields all around the world. However, adding a little variety to the usual “capture the flag” game can spark renewed excitement in a paintball group.

Alamo or Omaha Beach

No matter what you call it, this scenario involves a very small force, usually no more than five players, holding a heavily fortified position, usually at the top of a hill. The goal is to defend this position for a set period of time or until the assaulting team is eliminated. The assaulting team is to assault the position from a largely uncovered assault, but should outnumber the defending team significantly.

Tug of War

Though this game actually involves no traditional tug of war, the idea is much the same. A large barrel or tote box heavy enough so it is not easily carried by one person is placed mid-field. The objective is for each team to get the barrel back to their end of the field. However, if they are tagged, they must immediately put the load down and go “respawn” at their end of the field, which should involve a short 30 second time out. This leads to an intense back and forth for both teams, hence the name.


One player is deemed the person to be escorted. He is given a detail of bodyguards, usually a small crew and they are to be fairly heavily armed. A larger force of attackers, usually more lightly armed, is given a few minutes to set up on the field and then the player being escorted must start from one end and make it to the other without being tagged. If the attacking team tags him, they win the game.