Paintball Gun Games

Paintball Gun Games

Paintball began with rather humble origins among people using marking guns intended to mark cattle and trees. As the popularity of the sport grew, so did the viability of paintball guns and the diversity of the games played by paintball enthusiasts. There is a distinction in play style between players who prefer to play in the natural woods and players who prefer artificially constructed courses, but neither of these limits the types of games that can be played.

Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is one of the most popular styles of paintball games. Played on either type of course, the object is usually to get to your opponents’ end of the field, steal their flag and return it to your end of the field. Beyond that basic idea, the rules tend to have differing variations based on skill level and generally accepted “house rules” of the course. Sometimes the games are played with single elimination, where a tagged player is out for the whole game. Other styles involve tagged players having to wait for a predetermined time before re-entering.

A popular variation of this game is to have a single flag in the center of the field with both teams trying to return it to their side.


This game usually refers to games in which a small team is placed in a heavily fortified position and must last for a certain amount of time against a superior force that has little to no protection. The fortified positions usually involve bunkers, elevated positions, choke points and occasionally large caches of ammunition not available to the attacking force. The attacking force must either eliminate all the defenders or, in some cases, simply reach a desired goal such as a flag in the middle of the defense or sound an air horn located in the base.

King of the Hill

On larger courses, this game usually includes a multitude of “hills” that a team can occupy. Usually these are light bunkers or fortified positions. Teams score points for the number of minutes they successfully hold each one. Usually, there is one more bunker than the number of teams so as to force conflict over the remaining bunker. Due to the nature of this style of play, these games usually involved tagged players getting to re-enter the game at some point.