Paintball Gun Injuries

Paintball is one of the most popular recreational sports. But like any other sport, this activity comes with the price of various injuries, ranging in frequency of occurrence and severity.

Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are very common in paintball and can range from a small cut to the eye area or retina to permanent blindness. It is crucial to always wear reliable goggles during a game to minimize any sort of eye injury.

Eye Infections

Aside from being struck directly in the eye by a paintball, splattered paint can get into a player’s mask and cause an infection to the eye area. If this occurs, it is important to wash the infected eye to prevent any further damage or vision impairment.


Welts are the most common injury in paintball but are not considered severe. When a player is hit by a paintball at a high rate of speed, it might cause broken blood vessels in the area, causing discoloration, swelling and tenderness.

Internal Organ Injuries

Common injuries to internal organs from a paintball gun usually occur to areas such as the stomach, kidneys and groin. These areas are generally not as well protected than other areas such as the face, throat and chest. Most injuries to these areas occur when a gun is fired from close range.

Bone Injuries

Bone injuries are not as common of an injury from a paintball gun but can occur at any given time. Many of the smaller bones in the body such as in the hands and feet are most vulnerable to injury from a paintball gun that is fired from close range.