Paintball Gun Silencer Instructions

A paintball gun is not very effective if the “enemy” can hear the paintball being shot and duck out of the way. You can make a paintball silencer, or “suppressor” as it is more correctly called, that will muffle the sound of the paintball being fired. You will need a few supplies from a hardware store as well as items commonly found in most households. Get adult supervision in making your paintball silencer if you are underage, since a power tool must be used.


1. Place a sheet of newspaper on a work surface to protect the surface. Place the PVC pipe horizontally on the newspaper. Drill a hole a half-inch from one end into the side of the PVC pipe with the portable drill. Drill another hole a quarter inch-from the first with the portable drill. Continue drilling holes until you reach the other side.

2. Rotate the PVC pipe a quarter-turn from you. Drill holes in the PVC pipe in the same manner as before. Rotate the PVC pipe two more times and drill holes.

3. Push the shotgun brush back and forth through the PVC pipe to even out the inside. Spend 10 minutes pushing the shotgun brush back and forth through the PVC pipe.

4. Place the PVC pipe into the sediment filter.

5. Screw the PVC pipe couplers onto each end of the PVC pipe to secure the pipe inside the sediment filter.

6. Place the tip of the barrel into one of the PVC pipe couplers. Wrap duct tape three or four times around the tip of the barrel and the PVC pipe coupler.