Paintball Gun Vs Airsoft

Paintball and Airsoft feature nonlethal guns for military simulations and as an extreme adventure sport. The guns used in each sport differ in the ammunition they use, the power source for the gun and how realistic each gun appears compared with lethal military weapons.

Paintball marker

The Facts

Paintball guns, called markers, shoot brightly colored balls of gelatin using compressed air. Airsoft guns fire plastic BB’s with a spring mechanism, gas power or more commonly by eclectic battery.


Both gun types can fire up to speeds of 300 feet per second or 204 mph. Supervised paintball fields monitor gun speeds using a chronograph.


Paintball and Airsoft predominantly play the team-based game called capture the flag. One hit with a paintball or BB typically eliminates the hit player for that round.


A paintballer hit in the goggles with orange paint.

Wear a facemask protecting the eyes and face while participating in either activity. Paintballs and Airsoft plastic BB’s can bruise the skin and injure sensitive areas such as eyes.


Airsoft designs mimic actual rifles, pistols, shotguns and machine guns that can be mistaken for real military guns. Paintball guns typically have distinguishing features such as bright colors, an air tank and paintball hopper.