Paintball Sniper Tips And Tactics

A paintball sniper must be patient and calm throughout the game.

Sniper is always a popular position to play during a game of paintball. These players have the luxury of rarely being shot, reducing the amount of painful paintball hits. Although this position may be popular, it can be very difficult to play and requires numerous tips and tactics to play properly.

Proper Paintball Equipment

When sniping during a game of paintball, it is essential to have the proper equipment. While rate of fire and mobility are not important for snipers, they must have an accurate and quiet paintball gun. Choosing an aftermarket barrel that is ported will increase the accuracy of a paintball gun while reducing the volume of each shot. This will help a sniper hit his target while staying hidden.

Take the High Ground

It is often easier to defend a certain point in a paintball game if you have the higher ground. Sniping from a hilltop or the second floor of a structure gives you better vision than your opponent. It is also easier to take cover if you are spotted by your opponent. Although trees may provide excellent cover and the high ground, it is never recommended to hide in one during a paintball game. Falling out of a tree can result in serious injury.

Have Patience

When sniping as a paintball player, you have to have patience. These types of players tend to stay away from most of the action and must have long waits in between seeing the opponent. A good sniper must be able to stay in one location for long periods of time, even if it seems that the action is not coming his way.


Wearing proper camouflage is another important aspect of sniping. Snipers usually have to stay in one area and do not have the mobility that other players may have. Whether it is white clothing to blend in with the snow, or forest colors clothing to blend into the woods, good camouflage can mean the difference between victory and defeat for a paintball sniper.