Paintball Summer Camps In California

Paintball is a very popular recreational sport.

Paintball is one of the most popular recreational sports in the world. It is a team sport where players try to eliminate their opponents by using a paintball marker that shoots small pellets filled with paint, hence the name of the sport. Paintball can be played either indoors or outdoors, and different scenarios such as “Capture the Flag” or “Hostage” can be applied to play as well. There are various camps that teach both teenagers and adults about the equipment, play and unique strategies to use. In California, paintball is a very popular sport, even on the professional level. There is a large selection of summer paintball camps to consider if you are looking to learn play.

Pali Adventures—Extreme Action Adventure Camp

Pali Adventures is located in the town of Running Springs in the San Bernadino National Forest area, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. This camp offers an array of extreme sports to its campers, paintball being one of their most popular specialty camps. A specialty camp program can last either one or two weeks for a particular camper. Once he or she has completed their choice of specialty camp, they can choose to participate in another specialty camp or to participate in the schedule of regular activities. Pali Adventures runs from June 20 to August 14 and is for children and teenagers between the ages of 9 and 17 years old.

Pali Adventures

P.O. Box 2237, 30778 Highway 18

Running Springs, CA 92382

(909) 867-5743

River Way Ranch Camp

River Way Ranch Camp is located in the town of Sanger, about 20 miles east of Fresno. The camp offers a wide range of activities for its campers with the option of specialty camps available such as Performing Arts Camp, Rock Climbing Camp, Horse Camp, and their newest specialty camp, Paintball Camp. In this program, instructors teach participants tactical advantages, professional drills, and proper use of equipment. They will also participate in mini tournaments and refereeing sessions. Each session is limited to 12 campers, all of whom must be at least 10 years of age.

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River Way Ranch Camp

6450 Elwood Road

Sanger, CA 93657

(559) 787-2551‎

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp is located in the town San Bernadino, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. Similar to a boot camp for military training, campers participate in different obstacle courses, leadership tasks and tactical lessons. Since this camp is meant for young teenagers, real weapons are not allowed to be used. Instructors use paintball as a method to teach campers strategies in the field and work as a team with each of their platoons, or groups. The camp holds different competitions and tests to increase skill and confidence in each camper.

Marine Military Academy Summer Camp

248 East Highland Avenue

San Bernardino, CA 92404

(887) 226-2399‎