Paintball Tank Information

Many paintball tanks are half-size replicas of historic tanks.

Paintball is an ever-growing sport. Players everywhere are finding new and exciting ways to compete. As the most realistic war simulation there is, it was only a matter of time before the paintball tank made its debut on the field.


Paintball tanks are typically used in scenario games. Scenario paintball games are when the players act out a story. Common scenarios range from alien landings to reenactments of World War II battles.


There are many kinds of paintball tanks. Most are homemade from automobiles, but there are websites from which they are sold. If interested, go to the first link in Resources.

There is also what is called a walking tank. A walking tank is a costume that a player wears that represents a tank. They are usually built out of sheet metal, plywood and paintball netting.


The armaments for paintball tanks vary. Walking tanks usually have no more than one or two paintball guns while automobile tanks can have high-pressure air cannons, grenade launchers and rocket launchers. The type of armament depends on the scenario and field.

Motorized tanks are usually built on a wooden or metal-tubed chassis then covered with fiberglass or sheet metal. Some motorized tanks have working turrets and tracks.


Tank rules depend on field rules. Some fields will not allow walking tanks, while others will not allow motorized tanks. Fields that allow motorized tanks strictly enforce speed limits.


Tankball is paintball but with motorized tanks only. Using paint-filled ping-pong balls, one group of tanks will be pitted against another. Tankball is very expensive. As of 2010, there is only one place to play it–Leicestershire, England. No unprotected personnel are allowed on the field; these tanks fire 40 mm rounds and could be lethal to unarmored players.

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