Paintball Trigger Games

You can play paintbal trigger games online.

Paintball has become one of America’s favorite extreme sports. Using small balls filled with colored paints and hand-held rifles, players can safely play games of war, target practice or anything they can dream up. Paintball enthusiasts who enjoy practicing off of the playing field can enjoy cleaner and more relaxed paint balling by visiting websites that offer online paintball trigger games.

Trigger Pull Game

Choose your rifle in the trigger pull game.

The Best Paintball Sites web page offers paintball enthusiasts a variety of links, articles and information regarding all things related to the sport. Among its offerings is the online paintball trigger game. Choose from three different animated rifles and left click your mouse as fast as you can to find out what your rate of fire (ROF) is. Three digital counters display your highest, last and current score in real time as you shoot.

Stress Relief Office Paintball

In Stress Relief Paintball you aim for smiley faces.

MiniClips hosts nearly 1,000 free online games for kids, teens and adults. Stress Relief Paintball is among the simple paintball trigger games that can be played in your web browser. A cartoon-like still shot of an office is displayed on the monitor with the barrel of a rifle present in the lower center of the screen. Little yellow “stress balls” with smiling faces roll randomly out from behind file cabinets, coffee cups, computer screens and other office furnishings and equipment. Using the mouse to control the paintball gun, you can left click to shoot the balls with paint and earn points to advance to higher levels.


In the X-Paint game, you become an animated military personnel.

X-Paint Online is a paintball trigger game created an hosted by Nocer Productions, a website for paintball enthusiasts. In this simple paintball trigger game, an animated shooting range appears on-screen with numerous crates and targets. At the center of the screen, you control a soldier armed with a paint gun using the mouse to move a scope back and forth. Digital opponents randomly pop up from behind the targets, and you can shoot them to earn points by left-clicking your mouse. Be careful not to shoot the referees that also appear as not to loose points.