Paintball Trigger Speed Games

Paintball Trigger Speed Games

Paintball trigger speed games are free arcade games online that allow you to test the speed of your fingers by clicking your mouse. The game has a picture of a paintball gun, which fires every time you left click your mouse. The game tracks how fast you are shooting by balls per second. It’s a lot of fun challenging your friends to who can shoot faster or just trying to beat your own record. Trigger Pull Game

The trigger pull game is powered by Sothink, a flash animation maker. This game is the best one that I have found online because it offers three guns to choose from: the Angel, the Dynasty Shocker and the Intimidator. Each gun sounds like the actual gun would during real-life game play. The game keeps track in balls per second and shows your highest rate of fire, your last rate of fire for the previous second and how many you are getting at that second.

Brad D’s Trigger Pull Game

This game uses a gun known as the DM9 made by DYE. The DM9 in this version sounds very similar to its real-life counterpart. The game also keeps track in balls per second fired and displays your most balls per second, your ball per second of your last second and what your ball per second is at that second. My favorite part about this game is that the creator took the time out to write a very useful hint for the users that I didn’t see on the other games. The hint is to use both your pointer and your middle finger in alternating strokes. All paintball players would understand this, but anyone not familiar with paintball would have a tough time getting a high score in this game without that hint.

READ  Program Empire Magna Trigger Pull Game trigger pull game uses an eclipse auto-cocker as the display gun and the sound is somewhat realistic. This game comes with two game modes. The first is trying to fire as many balls as possible in one second. The second is seeing how many balls you can fire in 10 seconds. Both versions display your highest balls per second and have a live count of how fast you are shooting. This game is rather plain and not very appealing to the eye, but it does get the job done.