Painting Games To Play Online

If your kids are looking to get their artistic juices running, look no further than some online painting games. The simplicity of most of the games makes them easy for anyone to play, and the wide selection of colors and pictures gives way to millions of possibilities. See just how creative your kids can get mixing and matching colors to paint their favorite stars and characters.

Hannah Montana Coloring

Girls will enjoy choosing from three different pictures to paint. Each features Hannah Montana and at least one other person in concert. You’ll be able to color up to five people, as well as their clothing, jewelry and any other items that are on stage. Painting is pretty easy. Just pick a color from the palette in the lower right corner, and click on the item you want to paint. One click will color the whole item, but you can color over it as many times as you like.

Stuart Little Coloring

Stuart Little coloring is a really simple game made for a younger audience. The set-up uses a crayon box of 17 colors and five different pictures. Stuart is shown doing things like skateboarding, playing soccer, driving and just posing. Each picture has color guidelines, but you can make your own color scheme too.

Mario Coloring

There is only one Mario picture available to paint, but there are more than 10 items to fill in and 60 colors to choose from. The younger users will probably be more entertained than older kids, as painting the same picture over and over can get rather boring.

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Ramone’s House of Body Art

There is only one car to paint in this game, but the format gives you a little bit more control than many other games. Instead of just clicking on an area and having it fill in with the color of your choice, you actually have to click and drag on an area to perform a brush stroke. If you want to simply click and fill in the lines, you can use the paint bucket function. You can also erase marks you don’t like and change the width of your brush strokes.

Boowa & Kwala Finger Painting

If you’re looking for something a little different, try some finger painting. Well…paw painting to be exact. You have nine different paws to choose from and three different colors. Just pick a paw design, then a color and begin painting. The colors are red, yellow and blue, but if you want to mix colors, all you have to do is click on the colors you want before you begin painting. You can even look at paintings that Boowa and Kwala have created if you need some ideas.