Party Places To Rent For Kids

Renting a place for your child‘s party makes planning easy.

In today’s fast paced and hectic world, planning a party for your child can feel overwhelming. Renting a facility for the party is an ideal solution. There are many entertaining places to rent for parties that can fit just about anyone’s budget and can accommodate any age group of children. Does this Spark an idea?


Whether you live in a large metropolitan area or a small rural location, there is usually some type of museum nearby. Museums, both small and large, have children’s party programs available that allow you rent the museum for a period of time. During your time, the museum staff will provide activities pertaining to the museum for your guests. Many museums also provide supervision, a gift for your child, refreshments, cake and discount coupons to the museum for guests.

Sports Facilities

There are a multitude of sports facilities that you can rent for your child’s party. Options range from miniature golf and children’s gyms, like The Little Gym, Jungle Gymz, or My Gym, to sports complexes, batting cages, golf driving ranges, skating rinks and bowling alleys for older kids. Most sports oriented places available for rent will have supervision, and may offer a private room or space you can serve refreshments and have other party activities.


Swimming facilities, water parks and marinas are ideal places to rent for your child’s party, particularly during the summer months. Swimming clubs, the YMCA and country clubs usually will rent the facility for two to three hours. Water parks also have rental packages for parties that may also include supervised activities, refreshments and favors. Marinas rent boats for mini-cruises around a lake or bay, and may even offer rentals for water skiing and jet skiing.

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For Girls

For your little girl’s party, rent a tea room and have a tea party. Retail stores like American Girl and Build A Bear offer party programs that do all the preparation and planning for you. Older girls will enjoy time at a spa to have a massage, makeover or manicure, or you can rent a dance studio with an instructor to teach the latest dance moves.


For Boys

Places boys particularly enjoy that you can rent for a party are paintball facilities, laser tag, bumper cars, go-karts, rock climbing and BMX racetracks. Check to make sure of age requirements and safety before renting. Although there may be some girls that enjoy martial arts, renting a martial arts studio with an instructor will be a hit with the boys.