Pass The New Jersey Bridge On Tony Hawk Underground

Get your amateur skater to the top by advancing in free-roaming levels in “Tony Hawk‘s Underground.”

“Tony Hawk’s Underground” is a skating video game for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, Xbox and Nintendo Game Boy Advance video consoles. What makes this game stand out in the “Tony Hawk Pro Skater” video game series is that gamers play as an amateur skater making his way to the top. Follow the storyline and complete a series of missions to advance from free-roaming levels such as New Jersey, Manhattan, San Diego, Hawaii, Vancouver and Moscow. But first, there’s the problem of getting over the New Jersey Bridge.


1. Play your way to the third chapter of the New Jersey level, called “Getting Outta Dodge.” Watch the cut-scene where you will be told to get train tickets for Manhattan.

2. Go to the train station and you’ll see that you have no way to get over the bridge. Talk to the tomb maker and he will tell you that he’ll make a ramp if you bring him scrap metal.

3. Move down the street and go into the first alley you see. Go to the first house on your left and grab the piece of scrap metal from the roof.

4. Jump from rooftop to rooftop until you reach the last house and grab the last piece of scrap metal.

5. Go back to the tomb maker and the ramp will be built. Gain speed on your skateboard by going back up and around the block. With enough speed, you will easily jump over the bridge.

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