Pc Paintball Games

PC Paintball Games

A paintball fanatic stuck indoors? Have no fear, there are plenty of ways to get a fix in front of the PC. A sport that, in real life, bears a strong resemblance to many first-person shooters, paintball lends itself well to the gaming world. Unfortunately, the number of major modern paintball games for the computer is relatively small with only a few this decade. Even so, there are a few options for the avid paintball and gaming enthusiast.

Splat Renegade Paintball”

Produced by Take-Two Interactive, which collaborated on the Grand Theft Auto series, “Splat Renegade Paintball” offers gamers a chance to experience paintball on 13 different maps in up to 28 different single-player matches. The game also lets players connect to the Internet or a local area network to match wits with other live players around the world. Users can collect power-ups and place a number of obstacles around the course to make things more interesting.

“Lemmings Paintball”

A paintball-esque take on the old school Lemmings series, “Lemmings Paintball” (1996) pits muliticolored, mindless fuzzballs against each other in an all-out paint war. More of a puzzle game than a shooter, users must navigate their lemmings through over 100 levels rigged with traps and other obstacles with the goal of capturing the other team’s flag.

Extreme Paintbrawl series

One of the most prolific paintball series, Extreme Paintbrawl has four installments of games geared toward fans of the sport. The most recent game, “Extreme Paintbrawl 4”, was released in 2002 and is billed by its creators as a simulation with 12 “high-detail” levels for players to enjoy.

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“Ultimate Paintball Challenge”

Released in 2000, “Ultimate Paintball Challenge” is a first-person paintball shooter that puts players in the role of captain of their own paintball team. Players can choose their team members, outfit them with gear and control their movements on the field.