Pellet Gun Tips

Up until a few decades ago, most people’s first gun was a BB gun, which shoots small metal BBs. With the popularity of paintball and other shooting games came the increasing popularity of a new kind of starter gun: the pellet gun. Pellet guns include paintball guns and airsoft guns. Instead of firing metal BBs, they use lightweight, plastic pellets, which travel more slowly because the guns use compressed air or gases to propel the projectiles. If you use a pellet gun, consider a few tips that can prove useful.

Safety Tips

As with any gun, keep in mind some basic safety tips when using a pellet gun. You always need to wear the appropriate equipment when using the gun, including eye protection. Learn operate and care for your pellet gun properly, and never point it at a person or object that you don’t intend to shoot. Never leave the pellet gun unattended, and keep your finger off the trigger until you are aiming at your target. Keep the pellet gun away from small children.

Hunting Tips

Make sure that it is legal to hunt with a pellet gun in your state. To hunt successfully with a pellet gun, you will need to stick to small game, such as rabbits. Pellet guns usually are not powerful enough to harvest larger game. Quickness is key; most small game animals are fast and easily startled, so you most likely will get only one shot. Carry the pellet gun at the ready so that you can take advantage of your opportunity swiftly and quietly.

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Ammunition Tips

The kind of ammunition you use in your pellet gun can affect its performance greatly, either favorably or unfavorably. You might have the best-quality pellet gun on the market, but using low-quality pellets may keep it from shooting its best. Some gun sellers indicate that buying a better-quality pellet can increase both your shooting distance and your accuracy. Popular brands of pellet gun ammunition include Beeman, Crosman, Daisy and Gamo. Check the instruction manual of your pellet gun for the correct caliber of pellets.