Philadelphia Airsoft Gun Laws

Airsoft guns are illegal in Philadelphia.

Unlike traditional firearms that discharge a bullet by burning a propellant, airsoft guns use compressed air or gas to project plastic ammunition. Although airsoft guns are generally legal in the United States, several cities have restricted or banned airsoft guns. In Philadelphia it is illegal to use, sell, buy or possess an airsoft gun.


Chapter 10-810(3)(a) of the Philadelphia Code makes it unlawful to sell, use or possess an airsoft gun within the city’s limits regardless of age.


An individual found in possession of a airsoft gun or selling an airsoft in Philadelphia may be arrested for a misdemeanor and he will also have to forfeit the airsoft gun to the police in accordance with Chapter 10-810(6) of the Philadelphia Code.


Philadelphia police offers have the right to confiscate any airsoft gun they see under Chapter 10-810(7) of the Philadelphia Code.

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