Pick A Laser Tag Team Name

Build camaraderie and scare the heck out of your opponents when you pick the perfect name for your laser tag team. You can dream up a moniker before you fill the roster, giving team members something to live up to. Alternatively, you can brainstorm together, take a secret-ballot vote or choose a name out of a hat. Cook up ideas for a great laser tag team title.


Generate a Team Name That Suits Your Group

1. Go hardcore. Intimidate the other team with a violent-sounding name that implies pain and agony, such as the Crushers, the Eviscerators or the Mutilators.

2. Emphasize battle finesse. Select a name that promises swift and accurate attack, such as the Ninjas, the Kidnappers or the Coup d’Etats.

3. Use reverse psychology. Bamboozle the opposition with misleading names like the Sweetie Pies, the Cream Puffs or the Maryjanes.

4. Boast about your team‘s marksmanship. Call yourselves the Bull’s Eyes, Sharpshooters or Walking Napalm.

5. Show your longevity and veteran status as long-playing laser tag members. Try names like the Battle Scars, the Triple Tours or the PTSDs.

6. Modify professional sports team names for combat duty. Generate names such as the Combat Cowboys, the Field Raiders or the Laser Chiefs.

7. Name your team after an animal totem and use its likeness in your team apparel. For instance, the Panthers’ logo could show a wildcat stalking a tagger or the Battle Hogs T-shirt design could feature an aggressive pig with a laser tagger.

8. Use your team name to mark your territory. Pick a title that incorporates your hometown, such as the Portland Pulverizers or the Detroit Destroyers.

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9. Cast aspersions on other teams by degrading them with your name. Imply what you will do to them by naming yourselves the Bunny Bashers or Wimp Killers.