Pick Out A Paintball Gun

A simple paintball gun will be less expensive but lacking in upgrades.

When purchasing a paintball gun, there are a few factors to consider including budget, playing needs and playing style. Every paintball gun breaks down to five basic parts. These parts are the hopper, trigger system, barrel type, body style and air-power system. Besides the actual body style, the other parts of a paintball gun can be upgraded as your skill and budget grows.


1. Decide which type of player you believe you are: offensive or defensive. If you are an offensive player, you will want to select a gun with low body weight so that you can maneuver through the field easily. A forward player will also need a larger paint hopper compared with a defensive player who has time to place shots and will not use as much ammo.

2. Select a paintball barrel type. For the player who wants to sit in the back of the field and pick off players on the opposing team, a longer barrel will be very helpful. Long barrels are rifled for accuracy but can make it difficult to move around the field if you’re in a hurry. If you are an offensive player, a short barrel will provide enough accuracy to reach the opposition and will be small enough to maneuver easily.

3. Select a trigger system that is right for you. A single trigger is appropriate for the backfield player while a double trigger may be more suitable for the offensive. Defensive players may enjoy the feel of the heavier trigger pull provide by the single trigger while offensive players may prefer the quick and light action provided by a double trigger.

4. Choose the air system you would like to use on your gun. This option is more geared toward your budget. The two main air systems used by paintball players are the common carbon dioxide tank and the more expensive nitrogen air system. The carbon dioxide system is inexpensive and fairly reliable. It does add weight to your setup, however, and you won’t be able to set your gun’s pressure as accurately as with the nitrogen system.