Pick The Right Airsoft Gun

Airsoft is a sport that is rapidly sweeping the nation. Similar to paintball, it involves the use of a replica weapon that fires plastic pellets at opponents in combat-like scenarios. As in real-life combat, the weapon you choose can make all of the difference. In this article, we will be taking a look at pick the right Airsoft gun for you.


Picking the Right Airsoft Gun

1. Find out what environment you will be playing in. This can make all of the difference, as the weapons that function well in one scenario don’t always translate well to another. If its just you and your friends shooting each other in a basement or the woods, you should be looking at bargain priced weapons or even spring guns. The low FPS and cost will ensure that everyone has a good time even if they get hit at close range. However, if you are looking to get more serious and play regulated games, then you will be looking at a full fledged AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). There are a whole bunch of cost options, and the guns can range from $30 Taiwanese knock-offs, all the way up to $600 Tokyo Marui replica weapons. Depending on your budget, I would suggest starting somewhere in the middle. Spending $200 on a starter weapon is well worth it, as it will be good enough to give you a flavor for what the real game is like, but also wont break the bank.

2. Find out what type of combat scenario you will be playing in. Most Airsoft fields will offer a variety of game types, and these can all impact your choice of gun, depending on which games you wish to participate in. For example, in a CQB (Close Quarters Battle) scenario, you don’t want to be stuck with a single shot sniper rifle. You would want a small, light, and low velocity sub machine gun such as an Mp5. The reverse is also true. If you are in an open field, you don’t want to be caught with a close range weapon, when snipers can pick you off from hundreds of feet away.

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3. Do your research. Even if you have found a gun that satisfies the above requirements, it won’t mean a thing if it breaks down or jams on you when you’re in the middle of a fire fight. The best idea is to go online and search for reviews on the gun that you have your mind set on. Then try to read what owners have to say with an open mind, as you don’t want consumer bias to affect your decision.

4. Think about longevity. Even if it is just a starter gun, that doesn’t mean that you can’t upgrade its performance while you save for a better gun. You will probably want a weapon that you can tinker with, and in this regard, some models are better than others. There are all sorts of upgrades and improvements available–simply hop online and search any Airsoft retailer, and you should find a plethora of gadgets to improve your gun. See what’s available first, and then take this information into account when its actually time to start buying.