Places For Airsoft Birthday Parties In Stanly County North Carolina

Eye and face protection is crucial for airsoft safety.

With the growing popularity of airsoft, particularly among young men, many people want to play the sport for birthday parties and other special events. Finding an airsoft venue can still be difficult, however, as airsoft fields available for public use are still relatively scarce. Fortunately, there are several options available within a reasonable distance of Stanly County, North Carolina.

What is Airsoft?

Many airsoft enthusiasts think of airsoft as the next generation of outdoor war games. Airsoft uses more realistic-looking guns, and shoots soft plastic BBs, as opposed to paintballs. Airsoft BBs are available at national retailers such as Walmart, and cost less than paintballs. Especially important to parents, airsoft BBs hurt less, and cause fewer bruises, than traditional paintballs.

Command Decisions Wargames Center

Command Decisions Wargames Center is located in Taylorsville, North Carolina, just north of Hickory. The field hosts airsoft birthday parties and other airsoft events, but does not provide equipment for rental or sale. Thus, if you choose this field for your party, all players must bring their own gun, ammunition and other equipment. Command Decisions Wargames Center allows players 12 years and older. All participants must have full-seal eye protection, and minors must have full face protection.

Cane Creek Airsoft Field

Cane Creek Airsoft Field is located in Asheville, North Carolina, and covers 160 acres in a mountain setting. The field is airsoft-only, and has several models of airsoft guns available for rental. Birthday parties are available. The field allows players 12 and up to participate. Cane Creek also allows children eight to 12 years old to play, if a parent plays alongside them. All players must wear full-seal eye protection, and minors must wear full face protection.

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Cool Combat Recreational Airsoft Field

Cool Combat Recreational Airsoft Field is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and covers 22 acres. It was the first airsoft-only field in the state, and does have equipment available for rental. The field offers birthday parties and other special events, but recommends that all participants be at least 12 years of age. Cool Combat requires all players to wear full-seal eye protection, which is not provided, and players 17 and under must have full face protection.

Paintball Fields

Many paintball fields allow airsoft players to specially book the field for an airsoft event such as a birthday party. If you choose this option, however, you must provide all your own equipment. Check with your local paintball field for details. BOSS Paintball Field, located in Locust, North Carolina within Stanly County, does not advertise itself as an airsoft field but has hosted airsoft events in the past.