Places In Baltimore With Paintballing Activities

A paintball player ready to fire.

Similar to the popular game, Capture the Flag, Paintball is a high energy sport in which teams go head to head on the battlefield, firing paintballs at one another until all members of one team are eliminated. The paintballs are actually medium sized capsules filled with water soluble paint which burst upon contact, signifying that player is out until the next game begins. Paintball fields are sprouting up across the country as the popularity of the game is increasing, and the Baltimore region is no different.

Route 40 Paintball Park

Route 40 Paintball Park, located 13 miles northeast of Baltimore, opened in 2000 by a former professional paintball player. With four tournament sizes and diverse fields, Route 40 Paintball Park caters to individual players, teams, and group functions. They offer equipment rentals and supervise field activity with safety certified and trained referees.

Route 40 Paintball Park

11011 Pulaski Highway

White Marsh, MD 21162


Outdoor Adventures Paintball Sports Rosedale

Seven miles east of downtown Baltimore, Outdoor Adventures Paintball Sports Rosedale has been in operation since 1988 and hosted over 200,000 paintballers. With five different wooden fields to choose from and one netted field, the Outdoor Adventures Paintball crew matches up individuals by skill level ensuring everyone has a fair match. Equipment rentals and repair services are available as well as the ability to rent a field for a party or group setting.

Outdoor Adventures Paintball Sports

800 Batavia Farm Rd

Rosedale, MD 21237


Paintball Sports and Supply

Paintball Sports and Supply, located 17 miles south of Baltimore, is the home of Baltimore’s Team Xcavators who compete in area paintball tournaments. Having recently opened a new field, Paintball Sports and Supply is open to all ages and talent levels of individuals looking to indulge in their interest of paintball. The store offers repair and equipment rentals as well as placing a strong emphasis educating customers and paintballers on the sport.

Paintball Sports and Supply

3020 Mountain Road

Pasadena, MD 21122