Places To Celebrate An 18th Birthday In Va Beach

Places to Celebrate an 18th Birthday in VA Beach

Virginia Beach has something to offer to young people who want to celebrate their “Coming of Age.” Turning 18 means that you are no longer an adolescent; in fact, you are taking your first steps into practical life. There’s a whole range of places where you can celebrate your special day with your friends, ranging from an expensive meal in fine dining restaurants to having a picnic in the many parks lining the “Boardwalk.” Does this Spark an idea?

The Birthday Meal

Depending on how much you are willing to spend, the choice of restaurant for your birthday dinner can vary from the pricey “Texas Steakhouse and Saloon” to the cheap and cheerful “Jewish Mother” where you can get an clair for $7, which can easily be shared among 2 to 3 people. There’s also the 22nd street snack bar where for $25, as of May 2011, four people can have their fill.

Nightclubs and Partying

For a comprehensive tour of the best nightlife, a “Virginia Beach Food on Foot Tour” will take you around the town without your having to worry about paying entrance fees and waiting in lines outside night clubs. Social dances are held at the local Community Centers at the weekends. There’s “Motor World,” which is the biggest theme park of VA. Here, you and your friends can enjoy a game of miniature golf or ride roller coasters. There are even paintball wars that you can fight to build up your appetite for your birthday bash.

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Festival Hopping

The Virginia Beach Street hosts a huge number of festivals throughout the year. You can take in an open air beach concert after your celebration meal. There are a host of other activities you can enjoy including magic shows, henna tattoos, juggling feats, and fire-eating shows. There are also various sporting events. If you are fond of playing sports, you can compete in the YMCA’s 8-kilometer “Mudrun” race with your buddies.This is a one-day event, held by the Armed Services YMCA. Proceeds go to programs supporting military members and their families.

Resort Sports

For the more adventurous 18-year-olds, there are places like “The Tula Adventure Sports,” which offers you the chance to see the waters of Lynnhaven Bay and Broad Bay in a ski boat. They also offer you paddle-board lessons and tours. You can track dolphins along the Chesapeake Bay on your birthday. The “Rudee Flippers and Whalers” will take you whale watching. The “Marina Shores Marina” has not only a fabulous environment for boaters, but it has picnic tables, charcoal grills and umbrellas for you to cook your own special birthday meal with your friends.