Places To Fill Paintball Co2 Tanks

CO2 tanks are to the sport of paintball as pages are to a book. You cannot have one without the other. But the refilling of CO2 tanks is a dilemma for many paintball enthusiasts, since many do not know where to go to refill their tanks. Here you’ll find some resources and locations where you can get your tanks refilled.

What Is CO2?

CO2 is the chemical symbol for carbon dioxide. This gas is greatly compressed in a CO2 tank, and when a paintball player presses the trigger, a small amount of highly compressed CO2 forces out a paintball at extremely high speeds. Eventually you’ll need to refill the tank with CO2.

Paintball Supply Stores

Paintball supply stores are a Mecca for paintball enthusiasts. Not only do they sell guns, body armor and other supplies but they also refill CO2 tanks. Find a local paintball supply store via the Internet or your phonebook.

Gun or Firearm Shops

Many gun and firearm stores will fill up CO2 tanks. For many people, one of these stores may be more convenient than a paintball supply store.

Bass Pro Shops

The Bass Pro Shop is a megastore for outdoor activities, including paintball. The stops also sell and refill CO2 tanks.

Fire Extinguisher and Fire Stations

Places that sell or repair fire extinguishers have the tools necessary for refilling a CO2 tank. You can also check with your local fire station; however, it may not have the right connections. (Connectors are available at Bass Pro Shops and paintball supply stores.)

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