Places To Go Paintballing In California

Paintball opportunities are present throughout California.

Paintball’s popularity continues to increase, and new fields are being opened with frequency. California fosters many opportunities for participants to enjoy the sport, with hundreds of options located throughout the state. California’s paintball fields feature scenarios such as World War I trenches, urban battlefields and wooded hillsides.

Paintball Jungle

To the north of San Francisco, the town of American Canyon boasts the Paintball Jungle, a 65-acre paintball field. The wooded field contains a bunker area, a tower area and other hiding spots. Players at Paintball Jungle can play several different types of games: airball, speedball, capture the flag and elimination. Paintballs and the carbon dioxide necessary to operate the gun are not included in the admission fee.

Field of Fire

So Cal Paintball rates Field of Fire in the San Jose area as the top location for paintballing in the area. It features several fields, including opportunities for speedball and airball games. It has two main fields, the Bottom Field, with tunnels and a submarine installation, and the Top Field, with a full city of abandoned buildings and hillsides with hiding places.

Paintball USA

Located in Santa Clarita, Paintball USA has 11 different fields for paintball play. Many of them are elaborately decorated to resemble real-life locations. There is an Afghanistan field, an Iraqi-themed field and a field that attempts to re-create the trenches of World War I. Other locations include a wooded area and a maze. There is also an observation area for those who would rather just watch. Equipment rentals are separate from admission fees.

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Capital Edge

The Capital Edge Paintball Park is located in Sacremento. This park’s fields includes one full of mounds, one decorated with large wooden spools and another that creates an urban scenario. That field contains several cars, bunkers and a castle structure. Group rates are offered, as are packages for those with or without their own equipment.